• Front Load Bins

    Specialist FEL Bin supplier to New Zealand’s commercial Waste & Recycling industry.

    Plastic Front Load bins, FEL, Hiab side load BINS, heavy PLASTIC & fiberglass construction for environmental waste management and recycling of Garden & green waste rubbish disposal.

  • Rear Load Bins

    The PLAST-AX 660L & 1100L Waste Bins (MGB) have inbuilt FEL side fork pockets and a REL comb top rim to facilitate both front and rear load collections.

  • Box Pallet Bins

    FDA approved stackable rotatable plastic box pallet bins-solid & twin wall-insulated for food processing, meat, fish, seafood, fruit & produce, heavy duty Industrial waste containers.

  • Offal Bins

    Heavy duty plastic rotatable bulk bins, Designed for pet food processing, by products and industrial waste. Endures forklift punishment & rough treatment with load bearing top rim used when double stacking.

  • Bunding

    IBC & Drum Spill containment pallets & Bunds for spill control and containment of chemical leaks. Secondary bunding spill pallets for drums, IBC containers, oil and adblue. UV stabilised stress crack resistant plastic. Made in NZ.