Box Pallet Bin Fork Rotation

For facilitating rotational empty of the 900L and 1250L Box Pallet Bins, we can fit either a pair of full length galv steel folded fork channels, or a set of 6 galv steel folded brackets.

The low wall height of the box pallet bins are ideal for rotate emptying because the bin is never tipping too far away from the forklift, giving the operator more control and visibility, and putting a whole lot less torque wracking on the lifting gear and the bin fixing points.

Adding the galv steel channels or brackets to your box pallet bins also creates an enclosed pocket which can provide a lot safer forklifting of bins across yards and factories when bins need to be moved regularly and/or over uneven surfaces.



Moulded in Fixings

24x M10 nuts with large flanges are moulded into the box pallet bins during the cook process. This provides a nice sealed base and no visible fixings for contents to catch on.

Fork Bracket (Set 6x)

A full set of 6x galv steel brackets utilises all 24x fixing points on either the 900L or 1250L bins. These brackets provide enclosed pockets
for forklifting and an enduring method for rotate emptying.

Full Length Galv Channel

Where extreme strength is demanded - in the most severe conditions of use – the bracket set can be upgraded to a full length pair of galv channels. This provides a continuous steel barrier of slice protection down the inside of the fork pocket. Cut outs in the base of the channels facilitate use of pallet jack trolley.

Imaged: stacking box pallet bins into 3x for most efficient freight out. The use of brackets or channels significantly improves handling if you need to replicate this for return freight during the operational life of the bin.

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