FEL Bins: The Complete Set

PLAST-AX has the full range of FEL bins – 660L, 1100L, 1.5m³, 2m³, 3m³, 4.5m³.

  • 4.5m3 FEL Bin

    Waste & Recycling
  • 3m3 FEL Bin

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  • 1.5m3 FEL Bin

    Waste Recycling skip bin plastic disposal
  • 2m3 FEL Bin

    Waste & Recycling
  • 1100L Rear Load Bin no pockets

    Waste & Recycling
  • 1100L Rear Load Bin with Pockets

    Waste & Recycling
  • 660L Rear Load Bin no pockets

    Waste & Recycling
  • 660L Rear Load Bin with Pockets

    Waste & Recycling
  • FEL Bin Lid Options

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Your bins, your brand.

Aesthetics are as important as function.

Product Stewardship

Find out more about the entire journey of our products through the video series below.

1. Source Seperation

Firstly we separate out our tank grade hexene and from other soft plastic, packaging, and general waste so that we have a single polymer to recycle. 

This is absolutely critical to the overall success of any plastic recycling program. 

2. Chip, Extrude & Granulate

Prior to processing, our material is isolated, clearly marked, and the plant is cleaned down with a purge. 

The product is then chipped, melted, dyed, and filtered through a screen mesh to remove any contamination. 

At this phase we currently dye the plastic black  (3% master batch) because the source material is a mixture of colours. In future when there is sufficient signal colour input volume, we will be able to add masterbatch colour and run full batches of other colours. 

The extruded material is then cut into granules and cooled to harden for storage.

3. Grinding

The black granules are then ready for their next phase in being ground evenly to a finished mouldable powder.Consistent product size is crucial for our final rotational moulding phase to come, and we partner with experienced providers to utilise their expertise in this area.

The granules are sucked up and feed through grinding discs; the resultant powder is sifted through a shaking hopper, removing any inconsistency in size, before being bagged and clearly labelled.

So much of the success of any recycling program is in the ability to keep source material clean and separate, but then also to be able to batch isolate throughout the process, especially where a number of parties are working together. You need companies and people that really care.

4. Remoulding FEL Bins

The ground powder is weighed out into its respective shot weights for rotational moulding in the PLAST-AX tooling.

We cost in an additional 15% of material to the shot weight (as compared to virgin material) – this is probably once again an overkill, but we always prefer to over engineer when we are pushing the boundaries with new innovations – it’s just the PLAST-AX way.

At this phase there is really no difference to how we would operate with virgin material.

The tooling cradle rotates through the X axis and the Oven rocks through the Y axis for the 40 minute cook cycle and on to the 30 minute cool before demoulding and jigging the finished bins.

Finished bins imaged to the left! Awesome result.

5. A New Life

These bins are made from 100% NZ recycled plastic, we put these bins through the full range of tests for FEL bins. This includes the 1200kg load in the 3m3 strapped in for 100x consecutive lifts.

It was seriously impressive to watch them handle the whole test with absolute ease, showing no signs at all of stress or reduction in performance as a result of using recycled plastic virgin material. This is a real tribute to the achievability of a circular economy (and our ability to deliver on it).

Having your PLAST-AX FEL bins collected at end of life and have them remoulded back into new FEL bins for another iteration of waste collection is not a story, it is not a dream – it is an absolute reality that PLAST-AX is here to deliver on.

Industrial & Commercial Collections

Supply Capabilities

PLAST-AX is a national supply partner to the waste collection service providers of  New Zealand, supplying Front End Load (FEL) bins for commercial waste and post-industrial recycling collections.

PLAST-AX has the full range of FEL bins – 660L, 1100L, 1.5m³, 2m³, 3m³, 4.5m³.

We have been committed to supplying absolutely everything needed to support the FEL bins including lids, hinge rods, castor wheels, lock bars and other bespoke accessories as requested.

PLAST-AX FEL bins are engineered with excessive hardiness so that everyone can access and enjoy the benefits of use. You don’t need to be careful where you put PLAST-AX bins, they are built for it. All commercial customers, all their waste streams.

blue front load plastic bin recycling waste management factory
plast-ax plastic mini skip delivery
Designed to Last

All PLAST-AX FEL bins are designed and tested to meet ‘heavy-waste’ lift ratio (400kg/m³), in accord with British Standard BS EN 12574-2:2017.

Our customers prove full value in moving entirely to the PLAST-AX range for their FEL bins, knowing they can rely on the strength and longevity of these world leading products, streamlining to a single trusted vendor. This has always been our intention: providing an end-to-end solution for customers with their FEL bin range.

Bins and lids are manufactured in any colours to suit customer requirements. We are mostly supplying direct from stock and strive to provide industry best lead times with ongoing support.

If you are currently using steel bins and our interested in moving to a more sustainable alternative, reach out to our team (or your current waste collection service provider).


Delivery, lead times, communication and care.

Why buy from PLAST-AX:

Direct Customer Feedback 

Waste & Recycling
Point of Sale

Ease of purchase
We pride ourselves on a fast, efficient turn around on quotes.
Our customers remark on the ease of having all parts from one supplier: it’s hassle free and it’s the same every time.

Delivery lead time
Consistently amazed at speed of delivery.

Purchase Price
Delivered to site – Kerikeri to Queenstown – PLAST-AX bins are costing each branch less than alternatives.

Waste & Recycling
In Use Cost

Significantly reduced R&M costs over the life of the bin. 

Broken lids on steel bins are having to be continually replaced. 

The cost of repairing a steel bin that has had its base rusted out after a few years is heavy. 

PLAST-AX lids don’t break like others – they last. 

Time Benefits

Often it’s the hassle factor of both the lid replacement + rust out repairs that is the real sucker-punch for operation teams in their busy schedules. 

forklift emptying blue waste skip bin landscape supplies
Cleaning & Handling

It is not uncommon for customers to want their bins swapped out for cleaning, or to change the size of their bins to better suit the amount of waste they are generating. 

These straightforward operating tasks are all made less difficult with the use of PLAST-AX bins. 

General handling is easier and generally speeds these types of tasks up. 

Better looking bins.

Direct Customer Feedback


Bins are an important part of the image created by the waste industry. With the increasing social awareness of how we are managing our waste streams, is has never been more important for companies to have waste collection methods that encourage responsible behaviours.

If a bin is rusted out, has broken lids and looks uncared for, this does little to reinforce positive messages for users to do the right thing.

On the other hand, a vibrant-coloured PLAST-AX receptacle can be used to support bold messaging as to where waste streams should be directed.

It’s a core PLAST-AX value when we approach the design of a product at its inception: aesthetics are as important as function.


At every opportunity we seek direct operational feedback from Front Load RCV operators, branch managers, and the front line champions handling PLAST-AX bins every day. 

This is what we’re told: 

  • The bins stack better for storage in our yard 
  • It’s a one man job to deliver a 3m³ bin if need be 
  • Moving bins by hand is a lot easier (than steel) 
  • Truck fork entry to the bins is very good, assisted by tapered pockets. 
  • Bins reposition themselves well on the forks 
  • PLAST-AX bins are a lot quieter to collect 

It’s direct feedback that drives our innovations and ideas; please make us your first port of call with any questions or suggestions.