4.5m3 FEL Bin

2050 x 1700 x1950(h)

When you need efficient volume collection, the PLAST-AX 4.5m³ is the solution.

The 4.5m³ has a large opening which is ideal for post-industrial recycling for soft plastics and cardboard.

This bin followed the 1.5m³ and 3m³ bins in the PLAST-AX FEL range, continuing on all the well-proven design structure elements and user benefits for our customers.

Going to a large bin like the 4.5m³ can provide efficient waste collection for both ends of the scale:

  • Containing waste from high volume ouput sites, often manufacturing facilities and large industrial sites.
  • Providing a large respecticle for remote and lower volume customers, farm sites and rural factories, so that collection cycles can be less frequent.



Benefits of Use

In Use Cost

  • Significantly reduced R&M costs over the life of the bin.
  • Broken lids on steel bins are having to be continually replaced.
  • The cost of repairing a steel bin that has had its base rusted out after a few years is heavy.
  • PLAST-AX lids don’t break like others – they last.

Time Benefits

Often it’s the hassle factor of both the lid replacement + rust out repairs that is the real sucker-punch for operation teams in their busy schedules. 

Our Drivers Love Them!

At every opportunity we seek direct operational feedback from Front Load RCV operators, branch managers, and the front line champions handling PLAST-AX bins every day. 

This is what we’re told: 

  • The bins stack better for storage in our yard 
  • It’s a one man job to deliver a 3m³ bin if need be 
  • Moving bins by hand is a lot easier (than steel) 
  • Truck fork entry to the bins is very good, assisted by tapered pockets. 
  • Bins reposition themselves well on the forks 
  • PLAST-AX bins are a lot quieter to collect 

It’s direct feedback that drives our innovations and ideas; please make us your first port of call with any questions or suggestions.

Design Strength: Testing

PLAST-AX guarantees that every one of our FEL bins manufactured will meet performance requirements and specifications in BS EN 12574-2:2017.

The tests include a continuous 100 lift-tilt cycle at the ‘heavy waste’ load of 400kg/m³. Full video recordings and a comprehensive Test Report are readily available on request.

  • Box Section Top Rim
  • 40mm Solid Fork Pockets
  • Structural Ribbing
  • Solid Base & Forklift Channels

Bin Lid Options

Lids open onto the back ribbed section of the 3m³ and 4.5m³ Bins in a tongue and groove style, so that the entire surface area is in contact (rather than having a single point of impact to stress).

The recess in the top rim creates a nice lift access point; again, utilising the bin rather than impacting the strength integrity of the lid.


Our lock bar & brackets are hot dip galvanised and fit up retrospectively to the bins.
The bar and bracket are bolted in to captivated female fixings housed securely in the box section top rim.

4.5m3 FEL Bin Size Guide

Fill height: 1295 mm + 160 mm with castors

Please click the image to see sizing diagram in more detail.

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