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1000L Plastic Offal and Food Processing Bins fork lift sleeves and bung drainage

Heavy Duty Plastic Offal Bins 800L-1000L-1300L-1340L-1400L

Plastic rotatable bulk bins, Designed for pet food processing, by products and industrial waste. Endures forklift punishment & rough treatment with load bearing top rim used when double stacking.

800L Bulk Containment Offal Bin, 1000L Offal Bin, 1300L Offal Bin & waste, 1340L Industrial Offal Bin, 1400L Offal Bin, Bulk Bin lids

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1000 +1150 Galvanised Steel Framed Plastic Liner Hide Bins

Steel Framed Plastic Bins - Hides, Offal & Rendering

Composite galvanized steel and plastic rotatable bins - Designed for Skins, pelts & hides, pet food processing, bi products and industrial waste. Endures forklift punishment and rough treatment.

Steel Framed Hide Bin - 1000L, Steel Frame Hide Bin - 1150L, Bulk Bin lids

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Forklift Bin Denester unstack + unload in operation

Forklift Bin Stacker - de nester

Forklift damage free & automatic de-nesting and stacking of bulk bins up to 1400L

Forklift Bin Stacker - De-nester

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Meat tubs-fish bins-tote trays, Plast-ax

Meat tubs, Fish bin, Dixie, Drip tray, Tote box storage.

FDA approved food processing & industrial grade heavy duty plastic tubs & trays. use for freezing, cooling, heating combined with rough treatment during the production of edible & inedible foods.

32L Meat Tub + Lid, 30L Dixie Tray, 28L Food tray-drip container , 26L Meat Dixie, 23.5L Meat Tub + Lid, 20L Fish Bin, 19L Meat Dixie, 13L Fillet Tray, 7.5L Meat Processing Tray, Fishing Set Line Box

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Industrial stackable box pallet bins, Plast-ax

Plastic Pallet Bins - Pallet Boxes -Trolley Bins

FDA approved stackable rotatable plastic box pallet bins-solid & twin wall-insulated for food processing, meat, fish, seafood, fruit & produce,heavy duty Industrial waste containers.

Industrial Stackable Box Pallet Bin - 1250L, Twin Wall Stackable Box Pallet Bin - 900L, Box pallet Bin -1200 x 1000 Solid wall -750L , Twin Wall Insulated Box Pallet Bin - 1200 x 1000 - 600L, Stackable Box Pallet Bin Lids, Plastic Trolley Bin 1000L, Nesting Pallet Bin - 750L

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Front load, FEL, Hiab, Mini Skip Bins

Plastic Front Load bins, FEL, Hiab side load BINS, heavy PLASTIC & fiberglass construction for environmental waste management and recycling of Garden & green waste rubbish disposal.

3m3 Front End Load Commerical Waste Recycling Collection Bin, Plast-ax 1.5m3 Front End Load Waste & Recycling Skip Bin, 1.5-cube FRONT LOAD BIN for recycling & waste management, 2 cube Mini skip - front load bins - plastic , Side Load Hiab Hook Bin - 2m3 plastic with lids, Budget Waste BIN LIDS-plastic- front load skips

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IBC Bund-Spill pallets, Plast-ax

IBC & Drum Spill containment pallets & Bunds

For spill control & containment of chemical leaks, secondary bunding spill pallets for drums, IBC containers UV & stress crack resistant plastic. made in NZ - AU Australia

IBC Spill Containment Bund, IBC Spill Control Pallet + FRP Grate, IBC Bund Adblue Dispenser station-Decanting drip container , IBC Waterproof Cover for spill pallets & Bund, 4 Drum spill containment Bund, 4 Drum Spill containment pallet + FRP Grate , Pallet Drip Tray (Drain Pan) - 1.2 x 1.2 spill deck

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Plast-ax 100L + 200L Plastic Drum Container

Plastic Drums

Industrial plastic drums, closed and open top - FDA approved, food, liquid, chemicals bulk storage. 110L, 200L,330L, 530L & 980L

Plastic Drums - Open Top, Plastic Drums - Closed Top

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Plastic Pallet Rack Leg Protector - Fork Lift

Pallet rack protectors - plastic column impact guards

Racking frames & end post column protection, strap on shock & impact resistant plastic guards for freezer, cool store, dry store & warehousing areas.

Pallet Racking protection - plastic crash barrier guards

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Plastic Globes, Spheres & Balls

Plastic Lighting globes and spheres, can create stone effect and any colour or size, made from tough uv and crack resistant polyethylene plastic. Used for lighting, art & recreation.

Plastic Globes, Spheres & balls

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Saw stools, Trestles

Composite plastic, steel, wood - Industrial strength saw horse with modular plank height options

Saw Horse -Trestles

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Plast-ax 1000L Modular Water Tanks with Pump Cover

Slimline water tanks - 1000L Modular

Bolt together 1000L tanks – unlimited options for water storage in tight and inaccessible places.

Slimline WaterTanks - 1000L

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Specialty Customer Roto Moulding

Plast-ax new product design & development, mould tooling & production of plastic rotational molded parts. Specialist moulders of bins & spill containment, play equipment & customized products.

Specialty Roto Molded Products

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Play-stax  full combo set

Play-stax playground equipment & preschool activities

Unlimited building configurations for early childhood playgroups, using plastic blocks, bridges, slides, tunnels, ladders, planks, ramps, see-saw.

Play-stax blocks-tunnels-slides-seesaw-ladders (combo set), Play-stax - 13 piece set , Play-stax 7 piece set, Play-stax See-saw (5 piece set), Play-stax Arch ladder (3 piece set), Play-stax - educational play equipment & resources

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Plastic Rock Ledge shelving & stands

Quarry Ledge rustic modular wall display shelving & stands - point of display feature Rustic Point of sale display stand - wall display - modular plastic wall - retail display shelving

Retail Display Stands & Wall Panel

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About Us.

Providing comprehensive design and excellence in manufacturing plastic and composite products. Moulders of Offal & hide bins, meat tubs, bulk bins & IBC bunds, play equipment & specialty products

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