IBC & Drum Spill containment pallets & Bunds for spill control and containment of chemical leaks. Secondary bunding spill pallets for drums, IBC containers, oil and adblue. UV stabilised stress crack resistant plastic. Made in NZ.

  • IBC Spill Containment Bund (only)
  • IBC Spill Control Pallet + FRP Grate
  • IBC Bund Adblue Dispenser station, Decanting drip container
  • IBC Waterproof Cover for spill pallets & Bund
    waterproof cover for spill pallets bund
  • 4 Drum Spill Containment Bund (only)
    4 drum spill containment bund
  • 4 Drum Spill Containment Pallet + FRP Grate