IBC Spill Containment Bund (only)

BD1-120OR – $1825*
*All prices exclude Freight & GST

1400 x 1400 x 900mm

PLAST-AX Bunds are the only 100% polyethylene bunds manufactured here in New Zealand. Our bunds are moulded in a single piece to provide the strongest, most stable platform for your chemical storage. The IBC Bunds have a tare weight of 80kg, with a 10mm solid wall structure design including the PLAST-AX Box Section Top Rim.




At 1400mm² the PLAST-AX 1100L IBC Bund has one of the smallest footprints for bunds of this size. This allows for storing multiple units in a smaller area, taking up less overall storage space.

The PLAST-AX IBC Bunds are rated for 2000kg; Chemicals with specific gravity of 1.8:1 can be stored on them.

Each bund comes with a 50mm BSP drainage bung that includes a ¾” centre piece that a tap can be fitted to. This allows for safely draining out any spills from the bund for continued use.

Bunds can be repositioned using a forklift and also have moulded in channels to be stored on pallet racking if desired.

  • Rated for 2000kg

  • Pallet racking storage

  • Safely drain chemicals

  • Forklift repositioning

IBC Spill Bund Size Guide


Please click the image to see sizing diagram in more detail.

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