660L Rear Load Bin with Pockets

Fill Height: 933 mm + 160 mm with castors

The PLAST-AX 660L & 1100L Waste Bins (MGB) have inbuilt FEL side fork pockets and a REL comb top rim to facilitate both front and rear load collections.

The PLAST-AX FEL & REL MGBs are a valuable addition to any waste collection service bin fleet.

The box section top rim, 40mm solid FEL side pockets and ribbed side walls all give this PLAST-AX bin a design strength and impact resistance unrivalled by any other traditional HDPE plastic MGB.

If there are space constraints, or you want to segregate commercial waste streams for recycling into multiple bins, these bins allow you to tailor a custom solution.

They are ideal for conferences and other indoor venues like supermarkets with their small footprint and easy roll.

The option of either rear lift or front load emptying delivers operational flexibility when mapping out truck routes, often integrated with rural lifestyle collections.



One-Piece Lid

The one-piece lid hangs down directly with no pressure on the hinges at any point, significantly reducing any chances of damage.

As imaged, this allows for the bin to be pushed up flush against a wall with the lid open.

Fitting Wheels

Fully moulded feet are an integral part of the bin design.

Wheel fitting is a one-man job from the outside of the bin, self tapping M8 coach screws directly into preformed cones.

From the inside this means you have no protruding fixing heads: a smooth interior complete with moulded drainage bung.

Rear Load Top Rim

The PLAST-AX box section is formed to accommodate a rear lift comb.

It is gusseted back to the main bin wall in a single moulded section.

This gives the whole bin structural rigidity and allows for a full weight lift without any risk of snapping the front lip off (which is what plagues other non-PLAST-AX 1100L MGBs)

The top rim proves a convienient hook point for FEL forks to manoeuvre the bins if required.

660L FEL REL Bin Size Guide

Fill Height: 933 mm + 160 mm with castors

Please click the image to see sizing diagram in more detail.

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