1250L Box Pallet Bin

1400 x 1150 x 875mm (H)
70kg Tare weight

70kg Tare weight The 1250L solid walled Box Pallet bin was created to handle the full weight of wet leather hides.

Its extreme wall ribbing, huge box section top rim, and bulky full length corner pillars give it incomparable design strength, utilising all the unique PLAST-AX features.

We’ve had it filled with water stacked 5x high. Water weight is the ultimate test of side wall strength especially at height.




At only 875mm high, the 1250L (& 900L) bin is ideally suited for:

  • Using under conveyor belts and inside factories

  • Manually feeding into and then reaching into to access stored product.

  • Visually assessing bin contents for batch or waste stream control

The 1250L can be specified with the option of a bung, a lid, wheels, or fork rotation attachment. It stacks together with impressive uniformity, full length guides on the top of the bin still making it easy to locate when up 3, 4 and 5 high.

Stacks full with or without the lid.

Bin Lid Options

Both the 900L and 1250L Box Pallet Bins utilise the same lid.

It is a 14kg twin skinned lid, designed to fit the contours of the top rim to facilitate stacking full on top.

Note – both the 900L and 1250L bins stack together full with or without lids.

Forklift Rotation Options

For facilitating rotational empty of the 900L and 1250L Box Pallet Bins, we can fit either a pair of full length galv steel folded fork channels, or a set of 6 galv steel folded brackets.

A forward tipper is also a good consideration for the box pallet bin range.

stackable box steel base view

Wheels & Attachments

The 1250L box pallet bin has 8-10mm solid wall thickness. This makes it very accommodating to a whole range of custom accessories that can simply be bolted through the solid walls (or base). This cannot be so readily achieved on the twin wall 900L Box Pallet Bin.

Imaged on this page is the use of FEL side pockets, wheels, rotation channels, and with a forward tipper (Imaged: Western Bay of Plenty glass recycling at Te Puke).

1250L Box Pallet Bin
Size Guide

1400 x 1150 x 875mm (H)

Please click the image to see sizing diagram in more detail.

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