900L Box Pallet Bin

1400 x 1150 x 875mm

The PLAST-AX 900L Box Pallet bin is a twin wall version of the 1250L Bin. This means it has the same outer dimensions, stackablility, lid size and extreme design strength.

When going to the 900L from the 1250L you trade off on some volume (around the fork pockets and side wall ribbing), in order to achieve a smooth, uniform internal surface with a flat floor. A bung is not an option in the twin wall.




The twin wall provides a uniform internal surface with minimal ribbing.

This is essential for wet, sticky product, especially where it needs to be rotate emptied. The twin wall inner ensures that there are no ridges or undercuts for product to get caught up on. This is often used to collect post-industrial food waste for recycling direct from production plants.

  • Minimal ribbing

  • Built for wet, sticky products

  • Suitable for food waste

Bin Lid Options

Both the 900L and 1250L Box Pallet Bins utilise the same lid.

It is a 14kg twin skinned lid, designed to fit the contours of the top rim to facilitate stacking full on top.

Note – both the 900L and 1250L bins stack together full with or without lids.

Forklift Rotation Options

For facilitating rotational empty of the 900L and 1250L Box Pallet Bins, we can fit either a pair of full length galv steel folded fork channels, or a set of 6 galv steel folded brackets.

A forward tipper is also a good consideration for the box pallet bin range.

stackable box steel base view

900L Box Pallet Bin
Size Guide

1400 x 1150 x 875mm

Please click the image to see sizing diagram in more detail.

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