Offal Bin Lids

Our heavy duty offal bins and steel framed bins have a range of lid options.

The single skin lids are light weight for easy handling;

The heavy duty twin skin lids allow for double stacking bins full.

All lids are FDA approved food grade and can have company graphics moulded in if required.



Single Skin Lid

Fits both 800L & 1000L Offal Bins
Lid Weight – 9kg
The single skin lid is a roll over lid to provide an easy handling cover to clip down over the offal bin top rim.

Twin Skin Lid

Fits both 800L and 1000L Offal bins.

Lid weight – 20kg.

It recesses down into the top of the offal bin, with edges flush to the outside of the bin’s top rim. This means bins with lids can be stropped up hard against one another on the truck deck with no wasted space.

The lids have specially moulded holes to allow for MAF seals to go through the lid and bin top rim.

Designed with structural ribbing to facilitate double stacking with static loads. Locator lugs are positioned on the top of each lid for the base of the next bin to sit inside.

A extra strength reinforced option using galv extrusion can also be facilitated.

1340L Lid

The 1340L Bin Offal bin can be fitted with a single skin roll over lid as imaged.  A twin skin double stacking lid is not an option on this bin (due to height).

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