Offal Bin Fork Rotation

PLAST-AX is an industry leader at combining composite materials for overall best product performance and longevity.

When it comes to facilitating rotational empty we choose to use steel as an optional base accessory.

Female fixings are captivated in the fork sleeve side wall during the moulding process. By moulding in the nut to the plastic we ensure that the whole bin is completely sealed and food grade approved.

A full length fork sleeve, a folded channel, or a set of brackets can then be retrospectively fitted.

This is a system we have been using since 2008 and it has been immensely successful.



Moulded in Fixings

16x M10 nuts with large flanges are moulded into the bins during the cook process. This provides a nice sealed base and no visible fixings for contents to catch on.

Full Length Galvanised Steel Fork Sleeves with Bash Plates

For maximum fork sleeve protection down the entire inside of the fork channel we recommend specifying these robust fork sleeves. They include welded bash plates on each end to protect against misaimed forklift tynes. The base slats facilitate rotational empty and they are spaced to allow for use of pallet trolleys if needed.

800L Offal Bin
Rotator Brackets

Fork Brackets

Where budget constraints don’t allow for the full length sleeves, rotational brackets are a good option. While they don’t provide the same level of ‘slice’ protection down the fork sleeve, they still utilise all the same moulded in fixing points to ensure the same ability to facilitate forklift rotational empty.

Where a bin is going to have a relatively easy life, maybe being used with lighter product or staying onsite in a confined station, forklift brackets will often be sufficient.

1.5m3 FEL Bin
Rotator Brackets

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