800L Offal Bin

1165 x 1165 x 1000 mm (H)

Where you want to enjoy the low wall height that you would typically get from a box pallet bin, but you need the versatility of nesting empty to reduce the storage foot print, either onsite for when transporting.

At 1000mm high, the 800L Offal bin is the go-to when height constraints are crucial. This might be for manually filling into, or to fit underneath a hopper, chute or conveyor.

It has the shortest nesting rim in the offal bin range, and thus provides the most efficient nested stack for freighting empty.




The 800L bin is often used to manage batch sizes and overall load weight where this is necessary in plants. By going to the lower 1000mm high bin risks of overfull bins can be removed. In turn, this can provide a good option to be fitted with wheels for manually handling lighter weight bins around a site.

  • Heavy duty solid wall

  • Box section top rim

  • Continuous Nesting Rim

  • Bung option

  • Rotatable fork option

  • Stacks full with a twin skin lid

Bin Lid Options

The 800L Offal Bin can be fitted with either a standard single skin lid or with a twin skin heavy duty lid for double stacking the bins full.

The single skin lid is a roll over lid to provide an easy handling cover to clip down over the offal bin top rim.

The twin skin lid is designed with structural ribbing to facilitate double stacking with static loads.

Fork Rotation

For facilitating rotational empty of the 800L Offal Bin, we can fit either a pair of full length galvanised steel fork sleeves with big bash plates, or a set of 4 galv steel folded brackets.

First the female fixings are captivated in the plastic offal bin during the moulding process, and then we retrospectively fit the steel accessories.

By moulding in the nut to the plastic we ensure that the whole bin is completely sealed and food grade approved.

800L Offal Bin Size Guide

1165 x 1165 x 1000 mm (H)

Please click the image to see sizing diagram in more detail.

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