Play-stax  full combo set

Play-stax blocks-tunnels-slides-seesaw-ladders (combo set)

Preschool play activities for early childhood play, unlimited building creativity using plastic building blocks, cubes, slides, tunnels, ladders, planks, ramps, bridge, see-saw, for indoor-outdoor.

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Play-stax - arch ladder blocks slides tunnels

Play-stax - 13 piece set

Educational & developmental childcare play for Early Childhood & Preschool. Unlimited building creativity & configurations with blocks slides & tunnels. Creates interactive group play & coordination.

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Play-stax  7 piece set

Play-stax 7 piece set

Early childhood indoor playground activities encourage toddlers gross motor skills, coordination and group play using build it yourself blocks, tunnel and slide.

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Play-stax See-saw (5 piece set)

Encourages interaction and coordination group play for Childcare, Montessori & Preschool. Set up ramps, planks & seesaw in any configuration.

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Play-stax  Arch ladder set

Play-stax Arch ladder (3 piece set)

Bridge, Ladder, Rocker, build it yourself, Coordination & developmental play activity for Childcare, Montessori & Preschool. Encourage gross motor skills & group play in early childhood.

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Full Combo Set

Play-stax - educational play equipment & resources

Educational play equipment & resources - preschool, early childhood, Montessori & childcare - plastic blocks, cubes, slides, tunnels, ladders, planks, ramps, see-saw for indoor / outdoor activity

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