About Plast-ax

Plast-ax unique point of difference:

Design manufacturing plastic products that can be adapted to our customers’ specific requirements at no extra cost.

Moulding offal & hide bins, bulk bins, food processing and industrial pallet bins. Recycling & FEL frontload waste bins, drums, meat tubs, dixie trays & tote boxes,  IBC and drum spill pallets, play equipment, slimline water tanks and other customer related specialty products.

At Plast-ax we provide comprehensive design and excellence in manufacturing plastic and composite products.  We concentrate on searching out customer and industry needs and problems in view of providing greatly improved products. Plast-ax was established in 1995 and is a branch of a family owned business. We have a background of over 50 years of experience in the design and engineering profession. 

Plast-ax Rotational Moulders manufacturing plant is based is Wanganui, NZ.

Mission Statement

To provide hassle free solutions for our clients’ with design assistance and the ability to adapt our mould tooling to meet specific requirements at no extra cost. To get it right first time, every time.


As a market leader in a wide range of bulk containment bins for food processing, meat, fish, offal, tanneries, industrial rubbish and chemical spill bunding. We provide a customised A-Z service with design assistance and manufacturing excellence for our clients’ specialised products.


To be consistently efficient, productive and professional, always looking for best practice in a clean and tidy environment.  Encourage team work that’s pro-active and communicates positively with a flexible and caring attitude during problem solving. 


Integrity             - Honesty and uprightness in our word and practice.

Humility            - Put others first.

Loyalty             - Devotion and Consistency.                                     

Reliability         - Dependable and available today and in the future.

Confidentiality   - Intellectual property protection of your research and development projects.

Quality              - Constantly improving and standing behind our products.

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