Industrial 1250L Box pallet Bin - Plast-ax

Industrial Box Pallet bin - 1250L

Stackable Pallet Bin - Heavy duty plastic, for industrial and processing use, bin design includes load bearing box section top rim.

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Plast-ax 1200 x 1000 - 750L stackable box pallet bin

Box pallet Bin -1200 x 1000 Solid wall -750L

Rotatable, stacking solid box pallet bins, Dolav compatible, FDA food approval for fruit picking, vegetables, edible & inedible food, meat, fish, pet food & seafood processing, industrial uses.

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Plast-ax 600L Twin wall Box Pallet Bin - 1200 x 1000 size

600L Box Pallet Bin-Twin Wall-insulated 1200 x 1000 size

Twin wall box pallet bins-stacking-rotatable-insulated-chilled cool store transport-FDA food approval for Seafood, fish, edible-inedible meat & pet food processing, health & medical, Dolav compatible.

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Plastic 1000L Industrial Laundry Trolley with Castors

Plastic Trolley Bin 1000L

Plastic 1000L Industrial Trolley & laundry bin also food grade edible-inedible approved for processing meat & fish.

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Nesting Pallet Bin - 750L

750L Nesting Pallet Bin - Nestable & Stackable, tough UV & FDA Approved Plastic.

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